BBC The One Show website and interactivity

The One Show team - TV Quick magazine (2008? 2009?)

The One Show team – TV Times magazine (2008? 2009?). Interactive team members pictured include: Dan Archibald (blue jumper), Fatema Panju Mahadeva (scarf, next to Dan). I'm in the black shirt, centre, back row.

When I get some free time, this page will contain my gushing account of my time producing BBC the One Show’s interactivity and web presence, June 2008 – April 2010.

The interactive team did a lot of innovative stuff with the web and live daily high-profile TV… so I want a record of what we got up to.

But for now here are some links to pages that tell you about the show:

Roo Reynolds at the One Show part one, part two:

“Ciaran, and the others behind the scenes at the One Show are carefully giving a very broad audience something more than just 30 minutes of live telly. They’ve providing an opportunity for a conversation.”

Special thanks to: Tessa Finch, Kathy Myers, Melanie Grant and Lynne Jones.

What is The One Show?

The Guardian: “The One Show has become something close to a national treasure”.

The Guardian: “…The One Show has become culturally significant.”

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